Coastal Inflatable Boats makes every attempt to provide its customers with quality accessories at an affordable price. This is the place to shop for your accessories!

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Premium Under Seat Stow Bag

Underseat Storage BagHolds all your mandatory safety gear, personal items, and hand-held electronics. This bag secures over the bench seat by a hook and loop fastener strip, and is easily removable. Large main stowage area measures 28" across x 10" wide and 7.5" deep. Two zippered mesh storage pockets on the front plus one covered pocket in the center. Constructed of 600 denier polyester with UV resistant PVC lining. Thick, cushioned seat is 35" W x 10"D. Stainless steel drain grommets in bottom. All zippers have molded nylon pulls and are self repairing.

Coastal's Price: $49.95

Towing Bridle

Towing BridleOur towing-bridle offers more stable and secure towing of inflatables and tenders than with a single line. The 3,800 lbs. test-strength red nylon webbing has built-in shock absorption which takes the strain off the towing rings. A bright yellow float prevents the bridle from sinking and fouling props. All hardware included is stainless steel; the towing ring, for attachment to your main tow line, and the two snap hooks for attaching to your boats' towing rings. Bridle is 6' long from the towing ring to the snap hooks. By attaching your own towing line to the towing ring and routing to both stern cleats, you will effectively be towing in an x' - type manner, which is the safest for your inflatable.

Coastal's Price: $59.99

EasyLift® Outboard MotorTote

EasyLiftThe "Original and Still The Best!! Strong lifting point doubles as a comfortable handle for the safe, efficient moving of outboard motors Install quickly and easily, and can be permanently left in place, as it will not interfere with motor operation The Best also means the Safest! A FREE Safe-T-Strap provides added security by preventing slippage of straps Our patented design uses only top quality materials: polyester webbing and strong acetal buckles. Both designed to withstand the rigors of any marine environment Universal Model for 2 to 15 hp motors, either 2 or 4-stroke, max weight 100 lbs

Coastal's Price: $49.99

StingRay Junior™

StingRay Jr.Gives Big Boat Performance to Small Boats. Small boats with low horsepower motors suffer greatly from lack of performance. For instance, getting out of the hole takes forever. Slow speed is common. Their light weight causes a myriad weight distribution problems. Bow rise occurs all too often. Since small boats act and react differently than their larger counterparts, a special performance solution is required. StingRay™ has it. The results are fantastic. Smoother stability. More control. Superior ride. Improved fuel economy. And higher speeds. Nothing else works as well. Adjustable to fit any size motor from 1-1/2 to 40 HP, the StingRay Junior™ makes small boats perform like never before. It’s perfect for aluminum boats, Jon boats and inflatables. 

Coastal's Price: $49.95

Transom Launching Wheels

Dolly Wheels
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Stainless Steel Launching Wheels easily install on almost any inflatable for simple transporting to the water! These extra-wide wheels let you move your boat while avoiding contact with sharp obstacles that could puncture or scrape the bottom. These wheels really make life easy when you have to get your boat from the car down to the water especially when you have an outboard on the transom and a boat full of gear.
  • The wheels can be locked in upright position when not needed or in downward position for moving your craft across the launch or beach.
  • Tube length 16”
  • Large tires support up to 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Max tire pressure: 16 psi
  • Tires size: 10.5'' x 3.5 ''
  • All hardware needed to install is included
  • CAUTION : The launching wheels are not designed to be towed behind a vehicle.

MSRP: $129.95 Coastal's Price: $99.95

Boat Covers

Boat Cover The Number One Enemy of Inflatable Boats is UV rays! If you plan on leaving your inflatable boat tied to a dinghy pier or tied to the back of a larger boat all summer, you must provide your inflatable boat shelter from rain, sun and dirt. Those nasty UV rays are just as damaging to an inflatable boat as they are to humans. When we are exposed to UV ray, sunscreen for protection is a must. Protection for your inflatable is just as important. Coastal boat covers offer excellent durability, stain, water, mildew, and UV resistance. Our covers come with a rubber cord around bottom of the cover for the perfect fit. Just pull up a cord to create proper tension! A Coastal Boat Cover is the best way to protect your investment.
We offer covers for the following boats:

Boat Model CBA 7.7- 7' 7" - $59.95
Boat Model CBA/X 8.6 - 8.5' - $79.95
Boat Model CBA/X 9.5 - 9.5' - $84.95
Boat Model CBA/X 10.10 - 10' 10" - $89.95
Boat Model CBX 12 - 12' - $89.95
Boat Model CBX 12.7- 12' 7" - $89.95


Bravo 4-ALU Heavy-Duty Pump

Bravo 4 PumpThis pump has been modified to fit Coastal Boats or any inflatable equipped with Naru valve adapters.
This is a High volume, Heavy duty, double action, hand canister pump. These pumps are in widespread use by outfitters to provide quick reliable, riverside inflation of rafts and floats. The BRAVO 4 ALU is a double action pump with an aluminum shaft for extra strength. Can inflate to pressure up to 1 bar (14.5 psi). Compare at $100.00 or more in your local marine store. This is a very light, compact and tough pump. Naru valve adapters included.
Dimensions: 4-1/3" x 8-2/3" x 17-3/4

Coastal's Price: $39.95

Harkin Hoister Storage System

Storage SystemThis pump has been modified to fit Coastal Boats or any inflatable equipped with Naru valve adapters.
Maximize garage space by storing items up and out of the way. This block-and-tackle system allows one person to easily raise and lower items with a single rope. A self-locking pulley grips instantly even if the rope is accidentally released. Easy one hand operation and one line lifts, stores and lowers. Store inflatable boats, bicycles, canoes, kayaks, car-top storage boxes, convertible hardtops & ladders with a Harken hoisting system. Harken hoist systems can hoist items to 145 lbs and lifts loads evenly, no matter how the weight is distributed.

Coastal's Price: $139.95