Boat Warranty Information

We warranty each new Coastal Inflatable Boat and accessories attached, thereto (hereafter referred to as "Product"), to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

Warrranty terms follow below.  Beyond that all Coastal Boat owners get an automatic $100 Welcome Back Bonus on their next watercraft.   

This warranty shall become effective on the purchase date of the boat. Transfer of warranties is not authorized without prior approval from Coastal Inflatable Boats. This is strictly enforced.

This warranty is as follows: All warranty claims for Valmex PVC boats are covered 100% during the 2 years of the warranty period. All warranty claims for ORCA CSM boats are covered 100% during the 3 years of the warranty period.

This warranty shall be ineffective if the boat has been operated with an outboard motor which exceeds the maximum horsepower rating listed on the serial plate attached to the transom.

The air deck, aluminum floorboards, oars, handles, seats, seat straps, rub rail, D rings and other factory installed accessories (anything glued to the tubes) are warranted for one (1) year against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not include any painted or finished surfaces, normal wear and tear, improper lifting or towing techniques, other abuse or negligence. Wear parts including but not limited to rubbing strake, keel guard, ropes are not covered by the warranty. TOW RINGS are not covered by the warranty.

If any Product is purchased or used for rental or other commercial purposes, or for/by a corporation, partnership, company, organization or association including without limitation camps, clubs, resorts, schools, or the like, then the term of this Limited Warranty is limited to a period of one (1) year after the date of original retail purchase.

Since this warranty applies to defects in material and workmanship, it does not apply to normal worn fabric or to damage caused by:

  • Neglect, lack of maintenance, accident, abnormal operation, racing competition, or commercial use.
  • Use of an accessory or part not manufactured or sold by Coastal Inflatable Boats.

This warranty will not apply to: Haul-out, launching, storage charge, telephone or rental charges of any type, inconvenience, shipping, or loss of time and income. This warranty also does NOT cover:

  • Discoloration or dulling of the fabric or fixtures due to UV rays;
  • Abrasions, tears, or punctures;
  • Normal color fading and spots on the fabric which do not affect the integrity of the fabric;
  • Damage or deterioration of the fabric due to exposure to fuel, harsh solvents, or other chemicals

This warranty does NOT cover product that:

  • Has not been assembled, used, and maintained as stated in owner's manual accompanying the Product;
  • Damage caused by an accident;
  • Has been abused, misused or improperly operated;
  • Has been repaired, modified or tampered with by someone other than Coastal Inflatable Boats or their designated representative;
  • Do not to attempt to repair the boat yourself as it will void your warranty.

Coastal Boats sole exclusive obligation under this warranty is limited to, at our option, repairing a defective part, replacing such part or refunding the purchase price of the Coastal Boats product. The repair, replacement of the boat, replacement of any parts, or the performance of service under this warranty does not extend the life of this warranty beyond its original expiration date.

Damages as a result of shipping must be processed through the shipping company (UPS or Fed EX). Insurance is required when shipping the boats;

Claims shall be made under this warranty by delivering the Product for inspection to Coastal Inflatable Boats, Hampton, NH, who will then either do the repairs or arrange for the inspection and repair, provided such service is covered under this warranty. Purchaser shall pay for all related transportation charges. All shipping expenses related to a warranty claim are the Purchaser's responsibility. If the service is not covered by this warranty, purchaser shall pay for all related labor and material and any other expenses associated with that service. Any Product or parts shipped by purchaser for inspection or repair must be shipped with transportation charges prepaid.

Coastal Inflatable Boats obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing a defective part or at our option replacing such part or parts as shall be necessary to remedy the malfunction resulting from defects in material or workmanship as covered by this warranty. We reserve the right to improve or change the design or any Product without assuming any obligation to modify any Product previously manufactured.

RELEASE: Recognizing that boating poses a potential hazard to others. The buyer freely and willingly waives all claims to injury to himself or damage to purchased boat arising out of the improper use. Further, in consideration of the permission of use granted, buyer hereby release Coastal Inflatable Boats, its directors, officers, representatives, agents, and employees from any and all liability for injury of any kind to buyer or to boat or other property buyer may have, incurred by reason of any act or failure to act, on buyer part, or Coastal Inflatable Boats, its directors, officers, representatives, agents, and employees, arising because of the use of above mentioned inflatable boat.

INDEMNIFICATION: Buyer further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Coastal Inflatable Boats, its directors, officers, representatives, agents, and employees from all costs, suits, judgments, damages, or expenses, direct or indirect, for injury to other persons and/or their property, including, but not limited to, loss of use incurred by reason of act or failure to act on buyer part or by reason of any act, including negligence, of Coastal Inflatable Boats, directors, officers, representatives, agents, and employees, arising because of use inflatable boat. Buyer recognize that these provisions will cause buyer to be personally liable for his/her act or failure to act during use of the inflatable boat purchased

Warranty Information for Outboard Motors & Other Accessories

All warranties for Tohatsu Outboards will be guaranteed & processed through Tohatsu Outboards. For details on the Tohatsu outboard warranty please visit the Tohatsu Outboards website.

All warranties for all accessories will be guaranteed and processed through the manufacturer of purchased accessories. Please visit the manufacturer's website for more information.

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