Why a Coastal Inflatable Boat?



Some of our best experiences and favorite memories are out on the water. Alone, with friends, with family in weather fair or foul, boating is a unique way to experience nature and life. As the years roll by we want you our boat owners to get out on the water and have as much fun as we do.

Delivering features, value and quality requires constantly searching the globe for the best: market leaders using materials and best practices that set the standards.

We find that exceptional quality requires:

  • Top Spec Materials - We work with materials suppliers who lead the global market in technical features, value and production quality

  • Iterative Design - Every bit of your Coastal Boat is the result of years of careful refinement. What you say matters - we are always testing our boats and listening to our boat owners experiences and ideas for improvement

  • Attention To Detail - Miracle materials and designs go a certain distance. Creating a machine that is more than the sum of its parts is a process of constant testing, calibration and retesting to ensure that the finished product lives up to the vision that created it

Our top tier fabrics are ORCA® CSM (Hypalon) from Pennel and Flipo in France.

OrcaOur ORCA® CSM (Hypalon) is of the highest quality. ORCA Fabric for marine use has 3 different grades, The ORCA® 215, ORCA® 820, ORCA®828 and the ORCA®866 & 866s. The ORCA®866 & 866s are for commercial use (law enforcement, military). Coastal Boats are made with the high quality ORCA® 828 while most of our competitors use ORCA®215.
Visit ORCA's website

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Coastal Boats have many features on every boat as standard equipment. Many of our competitors have an "up charge" fee for many of their features but not Coastal. Some of our features include:

  • Fiberglass Transoms on our Orca & PVC boats
  • 3 Davit Lift points on every boat
  • Large Tubes - 17" & 18" tubes makes our boats ride higher and drier for your safety & comfort
  • Rounded end tubes - extends the waterline, provides more buoyancy at the stern, minimizes bow lift
  • Premium handles & oar locks that double as cleats
  • Tie down & Pad for external gas tank
  • Repair Kit that includes Tool to tightened Valves
  • Safety overpressure valve install on every boat
  • Textured aluminum seats
  • Many more features.....
All these features are INCLUDED in the price of the boat! No where can you get all these features as standard equipment!

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Quality Standards
The fact is that our internal quality control exceeds the standards of our competitors. We believe that exceptional quality can only be achieved by combining the best materials with an unrelenting attention to detail. We only use top quality materials. Each Coastal Boat is made by hand, one at a time. Behind every model is tough, durable and hand-crafted manufacturing process that stands up to the toughest environment mother nature throws on our way. Our skilled manufacturing specialists & top-notch, quality control system are combined to provide the highest level of quality. When you buy a Coastal Inflatable, you can rest assured that you are buying a quality boat.

CEOur internal quality control exceeds the standards of our competitors, all Coastal models meet the requirements of the International Standard ISO/FDIS-6185. All Coastal Inflatable boats comply with the strict requirements for CE certification are fully compliant CE category “C” giving you peace of mind in terms of safety, durability, build-quality and insurability.

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Cusomer Service

The success of Coastal Inflatable Boats is based on a reliable high quality product at an affordable price and even more important, the personal contact with our customers to afford the best service possible. We believe in treating our customers as we would want to be treated ourselves. Find a Coastal owner and ask not only about the quality of our boats but also about the total sales experience. We are very proud of the customer service we provide. Please take time to read our customer's testimonials.

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